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Grow, Flow & Be Happy

Before starting the brand identity, our challenge for this project started with the name. A name is such an important part of communicating who you are to your audience and our client Fiona “Fe” asked for our help to get it right. Our services included guiding our client through the process of breaking down the values of her company through a detailed workbook, to help focus on key factors that could form part of a new name. We worked together with Fiona to generate ideas and helped her to create a name she was proud of and one that was personal to her.

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Peach and Navy Moodboard

It was important to Fiona to have a modern and fresh look to her branding and it needed to set her apart from local competitors. Our challenge was to keep a professional tone to the brand identity, whilst maintaining a welcoming sentiment. The identity also needed to work across the 3 disciplines of The Fe Tree. We created a feminine “F” giving a nod to the “tree” reference and contrasted it with a contemporary, clean font to evoke professionalism. We wanted the option of the brand identity to be used playfully through different stamps and one which could incorporate the range of slogans and disciplines effectively.

Portrait Photography for The Fe Tree
Warrior pose yoga photography
The Fe Tree Founder in Yoga Pose

We had a lot of fun with colour and chose a palette of 3 varying colours to represent the 3 disciplines. We wanted the deep blue to express trust and peach and mint to emulate positive feelings and be representative of happiness and wellbeing. Our brand board helped set the scene for our client to take her new brand identity forward and use it with confidence independently. We brought the branding to life further by capturing images of Fe in action at her local studio. We kept warm tones throughout the photographs to compliment the brand colour palette.

Mint Green Grow Flow and Breathe Slogan for The Fe Tree
Mint Green Brand Stamp Circle - Grow Flow & Breathe

A Brand Identity that Represents ‘Me’

“At our first meeting I knew that Andy and Kelly from dandelion were the people I could trust to help create my brand. They had such an artistic flair and fresh approach which was just what I was looking for. As a person who can’t make a decision they were both very calm and patient with me, advising and communicating throughout the journey.
I wanted my brand identity to represent ‘me’ and they delivered just that. I was so happy with the logo and all the extra graphics and colours that came with it. Thanks guys x”

Fiona Reid
The Fe Tree

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