Brand Identity
Defining Your Visual Presence

This package is perfect for you if you are wanting to take your business branding in a new direction, or if you are launching a new business and need professional help to create a wonderful first impression.

Branding is a large part of any business, and it takes time to get it right. It extends further than just a logo, it is the visual essence of your business, and it is embedded within every interaction a customer has with your services. Within our branding package we spend time drilling down into the details of who your target audience is and what your goals and values are.

This allows us to develop a brand identity that is personal to you and one you are proud of. We work to ensure the end result evokes feelings of trust from your customers and create designs that allow your audience to feel confident in investing in your products or services.

Our Process


Research & Analysis

This process will ensure we devise an aesthetic, personal to yourself, that is relevant to your market and highly attractive to your intended target audience.

Design Development

We spend time sketching and digitising a range of initial concepts and shortlist the two strongest concepts. Then you receive a detailed presentation which includes your designs in context, so you really get a feel for how your branding can be used.

Chosen Concept Developed

Amendments are made to the chosen concept based on the feedback received from yourself, coupled with our professional reflection. We then develop a range of the accompanying colour palettes, font families and variations of your logo.

Mid-point Meeting

We'll invite you to join us in a meeting to gain your feedback and for you to choose the design elements you are most excited about from what we present. We take on your feedback and refine the brand identity into a finalised package.

Style Guide Developed

The next stage is to develop the accompanying brand guidelines. We package all the information you need to be able to use your branding effectively into a handy digital booklet. Our guidelines serve the purpose of helping you to use your logo and visual identity to best effect when you launch.

Final Presentation & Launch

Once the final instalment is paid, we hand you all the required logo files you’ll require, including the professionally presented style guide saved in an appropriate format for professional print and use across social media. You are then ready to launch your beautiful new branding!

What’s included:

  • One to One brand consultation.
  • 2 Unique Logo Concepts to choose from.
  • Mid-point meeting which can be held in person or over Skype.
  • 1 Final Primary Logo Design with Secondary Variations and Submarks.
  • Bespoke colour palette and font variations.
  • Brand Guidelines PDF.
  • Full logo pack with all files at EPS, JPG and PNG.


How long does it take?

The project can take from 4-8 weeks, and is also time dependent on how quickly you get back to us with any information we need, or feedback for the design development process.

How do I pay?

We ask for a 30% deposit at the start of the project, and the rest of the balance paid before the final files are released to you.

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