Where to begin?

Welcome to our blog, we are so excited to have you here. We thought the best place to start would be to introduce ourselves properly and let you into the story of how Dandelion first started.

Andy and myself are what you would call opposite ends of the spectrum. He is tall. I am short. He is tidy. I am messy. Very messy. He cooks gourmet meals and seasons everything in sight. I could live off a diet only fit to be seen in student halls of residence. Despite our differences, surprisingly, we get along great. We have many things in common. One being our passion for beautiful design, another being our love of David Gray, (don’t start…he’s massively underrated).

Although we both have a background in design, we actually met through our jobs teaching. Alongside the business, we are design lecturers at an FE college. Through our roles working together to teach students the fundamentals of design, we missed the creativity of putting our own stamp on things and practising what we preached. It’s extremely rewarding having a part in the development of next generation of designers, but we wanted back in the creative game.

The idea to start a business came along during a lunch break. There was a lot of debating over which direction we should take the business. Should we create artwork to sell? Should we make children’s toys and design children’s books? (Andy is a woodworking genius if you didn’t already know and I can write a cracking poem!) Should we go into the wedding business? Although all fun options, the answer was staring us in the face. Of course. It needed to be a business that used all of our knowledge and skills around the subject we’ve been harping on about to our students for the last 8 years. Graphic Design: Branding: Web Design. Along with helping our students learn how to create these things, we wanted to use our skills to help businesses in the same way.

That is what brought us to our mission statement:

Our aim is to bring ideas to life with high quality, thoughtful design solutions and to provide a welcoming, empowering experience through support & collaboration.

We saw an opportunity to help businesses create and maintain professional and eye catching brand visuals. We know the importance of how a brand communicates, but also understand that it can be a daunting process for business owners. Putting your branding in someone else’s hands is scary. That’s why we believe our supportive approach is important. We like to keep our clients involved throughout the process and we want to teach you how to take your designs further with confidence and create the best impression possible.

We are now around 18 months into our adventure, a number of projects under our belt and a massive list of all the things we want to achieve as the years go on. One day, we might even write that Children’s book! We’re looking forward to bringing some of our best creative “lessons” to you through the blog and sharing our experience of being business owners along the way.

Keep checking for new updates and if you want to work with us, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re lovely I promise.

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