What makes a great logo?

Developing a logo that will inspire loyalty and a sense of credibility in your customers for years to come   Branding design has historically been a significant financial investment for any business, requiring the professional expertise and guidance of a graphic designer or design agency. Nowadays however, with applications such as Canva and online freelance marketplaces such as Fiver, it…
Andrew Holmes

5 Books That Have Impacted Our Mindset & Our Business

5 Books That Have Impacted Our Mindset & Our Business   I recently watched a documentary about Bill Gates called "Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates" on Netflix and along with all of the profound positive impacts he has had on the world, I found his habits and his mindset for success fascinating. In the documentary we see Gates’ love…
Kelly Edwards

5 Techniques for Reducing Stress

5 Techniques for Reducing Stress   There are a number of factors in our current economic climate meaning that stress appears to be on the rise. Increased workloads to cater for increased financial pressure are contributing to unrealistic expectations and added to this, social media can contribute to a sense of guilt and anxiety that you are missing out on…
Andrew Holmes

Goldsmiths North

Goldsmiths North: Capturing 'Summer Elegance'   This summer we celebrated the first annual Goldsmiths North event, a silverware and jewellery selling fair hosted in the heart of Sheffield at the Cutlers’ Hall. After working on the branding and promotion for over a year, we were thrilled to see the fair come together and to witness the success of the all…
Kelly Edwards
Website Design

10 Things Every Good Website Needs

10 Things Every Good Website Needs   In our digital age, if you are keen for your business to grow then a website is essential. A personalised website is your best opportunity to communicate your brand message and personality whilst showcasing your products and services and highlighting your unique selling points. Perhaps most most importantly your potential customers will expect…
Kelly Edwards

Branding: The Difference Between Logo Design & Brand Identity

Branding: The Difference Between Logo Design & Brand Identity   You may be looking to set up a new business or you may have been established for a while; so you probably already know that you will need a logo as a way to identify your business. You have likely come across words such as “branding” and “brand identity” when…
Kelly Edwards
About Us

Getting To Know Us

Where to begin? Welcome to our blog, we are so excited to have you here. We thought the best place to start would be to introduce ourselves properly and let you into the story of how Dandelion first started. Andy and myself are what you would call opposite ends of the spectrum. He is tall. I am short. He is…
Kelly Edwards